Here at Shrimpy’s, we aim to:

  • Produce quality children’s clothing based around the fundamentals of Looe, using hand illustrative embroidery to encapsulate seaside intimacy.
  • Connect consumers to the nature within Looe through a locally designed operational output focussing on the relationship between human and nature.
  • Educate and export knowledge regarding sustainability and its positive effects on our environment.
  • Preserve and protect our marine environment and cultural distinctiveness.

When purchasing from Shrimpy’s, Looe, you are not simply buying a garment

You are buying into the ethos of sustainability and marine preservation itself. A proportion of the proceeds from each product sale will be either donated to a marine conservation charity or to aid the education of children on the merits of choosing sustainable items as well as the importance of marine protection and oceanic preservation as well as funding local beach cleans preventing harmful waste entering our waterways and ocean.

This micro range is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, functional, sustainable and of course our location and marine protection are at the forefront of each design

“Our key aims have always been to develop products that create a positive impact on our community. However, these keepsake pieces are wonderful to purchase as gifts or to remember your holidays to Looe by. Each garment is entwined with coastal intimacy for the most unique feel.” ~ Alice, Founder of Shrimpy’s, Looe

For more information & to buy online, please visit our Website you can also follow us on Facebook & Instagram too

Shrimpy’s Looe

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