Fashioned after the craft distilleries that are becoming so prevalent in America, Penrock Distillery offers a little taste of the USA right here in Cornwall.

From Tennessee to Cornwall

Drawing on head distiller Sim Daley’s twenty one year tenure living in Tennessee, we offer craft spirits made in the American tradition, but  with a distinct Cornish twist.  As we are not bound by the traditions of our American or Scottish counterparts, we are free to craft our spirits in a way uniquely “Penrock”.  Uniquely Cornish.

Our fantastic beverages

Although our focus is primarily on our ground breaking Penrock “Sour Mash” Cornish (bourbon) whiskey, we are working towards bringing you our take on traditional Single Malt whiskey.

But we should also remember our unadulterated “white” unaged Sour Mash “Platinum” (whiskey), something more akin to the mountains of Tennessee than the coast of Cornwall, but none the less, uniquely Penrock.

All fermented and distilled in our craft distillery, we have our hand in every step in the process. From selecting the grains to cooking and fermenting the “mash”, double distilling the spirits and making the cuts, no effort is spared to bring you the finest whiskeys we can conceivably craft.

And while we wait for our whiskeys to age, we offer our line of Penrock Cornish rums, fermented and distilled from the finest blackstrap molasses by us, right here in South East Cornwall. Not only will we offer silver, spiced and Gold rum, we will be laying down casks that will eventually become our matured Cornish Navy rum. However, we should not forget our ever popular “Resurrection” coffee rum liquor created using coffee roasted right next door at Lars & Margo from the finest coffee beans.

Our Individual Products & Prices

Penrock Gold Rum is our salute to the time honored tradition of Caribbean rum distillation. Created in our Cornish distillery from the finest blackstrap molasses and double distilled in our copper pot still, we age with premium white American oak until we achieve the smooth, flavourful amber rum that is our Cornish variation of a Caribbean classic.

50cl, 40%ABV – Coming Soon 

Penrock Resurrection combines the worlds of artisanal hand roasted coffee with our select premium crafted spirit. Using our double pot distilled Cornish molasses rum, we create a unique interpretation of a traditional coffee Rum.Whether sipping over ice or enjoyed in an array of premium cocktails, Penrock Resurrection will bring delight to every coffee enthusiast.

50cl, 25%ABV – £35.00

Penrock Silver Rum is our bold and full bodied, double pot distilled premium white Cornish rum. Made from blackstrap molasses in the finest Caribbean tradition, we never distill more than twice to allow the flavour to shine through. Whether sipping over ice or creating a delicious cocktail,Penrock Silver Rum will take the experience to a whole new level of flavour.

50cl, 40%ABV – Coming Soon

Penrock Spiced Rum is our salute to the British Naval tradition of spicing rum that was created by Admiral Edward Vernon in 1740. Blended using our double pot distilled premium molasses Cornish rum with a secret selection of the finest exotic spices from the far East, we created this warm and rich interpretation of a Caribbean classic that any seafarer would delight in.

50cl, 40%ABV – £37.50

Penrock Platinum is our unadulterated version of American whiskey. The bright and clean flavour is more usually associated with the mountains of Kentucky than the Glens of Scotland. Using the Bourbon “sour mash” method and being double pot distilled in our copper pot still, Platinum brings you a distinctly different twist on the whiskey experience.

50cl, 40%ABV – Coming Soon 

Penrock Single Malt pays tribute to the whiskeys of our Scottish neighbours. With the absence of peat smoke, the richness of the malted barley prevails.

Double pot distilled, yet never chill filtered, these expressions slumber in hand hewn, select premium oak casks for a minimum of three years to bring the classic notes of a single malt to this unique Cornish whiskey.

50cl, 40%ABV – Available in 2023/24

Penrock Sour Mash whiskey is our “tip of the hat” to America’s Bourbon. This prestigious release is the first ever cask aged American style Cornish whiskey.

Double distilled in our copper pot still, yet never chill filtered, this single barrel expression, aged in hand hewn, select premium oak casks brings you an amazingly smooth and approachable, never before seen take on a true classic.

50cl, 40%ABV – Coming Christmas 2023


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