Did you know that gin is made from vodka. And that 95% of gin distilleries buy in their base spirit from which they make their gin?

At Colwith Farm Distillery they do things differently…

When they decided to build a brand new distillery on their fifth-generation potato farm, Colwith Farm could have taken the easy route. Bought in base spirit, tapped into the local electricity and water supply and employed experts who knew how to distil – they didn’t do any one of those things. Why? Because Colwith Farm believe that by making the harder decisions now, they have made the right choices for the long term – both for people and the planet.

No Compromise

Every step they have taken along the way has been the step that takes more time, costs more money but at no stage did Colwith Farm want to compromise on their quality and sustainability credentials. So after nearly a decade they are proud to have created one of the UK’s only single site distilleries – a ‘plough to bottle’ story – keeping their footprint on the land as small as they can.

Sustainability Comes First

Colwith have a distillery that operates fully on renewable energy; a distillery that has its own water supply from a bore hole deep in the Cornish land and a natural spring utilizing the rain from the sky; a distillery that sources all its potatoes from the farm on which they are based.

Nurturing Local Talent

They have a local head distiller who is self taught in how to make some of the world’s best vodkas and gins through sheer passion and determination; and, they have a talented team of locals who bring that same desire to create a brand that they are all proud to be part of.


Award Winning

And all that hard work has resulted in exceptional quality – with the Aval Dor Vodka recently awarded a Double Gold in San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the Aval Dor Gin picking up a Gold.

Their ethos is proof that quality and sustainability can and should exist side by side. And it’s why they will continue to make the hard choices because they know they are the right ones in the long term.

You can tour their working distillery at Colwith Farm and enjoy a tutored tasting.  Or even better, make and bottle your own bespoke gin!

Find out more on their website where you can also book tours, tastings and gin schools.